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Financial support

Many scholarships and grants are available. The options and conditions are outlined below. For many scholarships, the Department screens candidates. You will be informed through your address if you have been awarded financial assistance.

The great majority of scholarships are listed in one place, but the main ones dedicated to English studies are described below.

In addition, citizens of many foreign countries may be exempted from foreign student tuition fees through programs administered by their embassies.


Comparative Literature section scholarships

Bill Readings Scholarship
PhD level
Description :

The purpose of this scholarship is to reward students not only for their outstanding academic records, but for their innovative research, original intellectual approach, and involvement in the milieu.

The goal of the scholarship is to keep Bill Reading's brilliant, iconoclastic and generous spirit alive.

Note :
Eligibility criterion :

Be enrolled at the graduate level in comparative literature studies at the Université de Montréal.

Information :

Simon Harel, Co-Director, 514 343-7781

PhD scholarships
PhD level
Variable amounts
Note :

Different scholarships, from $1,000 to $8,000

Eligibility criteria :
  • Be enrolled in the PhD in Literature program in one of the options managed by the Comparative Literature Section at the Université de Montréal.
  • Not receive funding from one of the major granting agencies (e.g. SSRHC, FQRSC).
Application :

Students must apply for the scholarship in a letter when applying for admission to the Department. Students who are already enrolled may apply by September 15, but new students have priority under the FESP funding agreement.

Information :

Amaryll Chanady, Graduate Studies Supervisor, 514 343-2025

Faculty of Arts and Science Scholarships

Alma Mater Scholarships
Master's and PhD levels
Description :

A $5,000 scholarship for students with exceptional academic records and who accept an offer of admission to a Université de Montréal Faculty of Arts and Science graduate program.

Students do not need to apply. The departments and schools select candidates to be submitted for approval to the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Mgr Olivier-Maurault Scholarship
Master's and PhD levels
Sector :

Literature and humanities

Description :

A fund created in 1955-1956, thanks to a subscription, organized by the University, friends of Mgr Olivier Maurault, former Rector of the University, and UdeM staff, to set up a fund in the bishop's memory.

The Mgr Olivier-Maurault Scholarship is intended to encourage research work and thesis writing by master's students in the literature and humanities sector of the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Angers-Poulin Merit Scholarship
Master's and PhD levels
Sector :

Literature and humanities

Description :

The Angers-Poulin Merit and Recruitment Scholarship is intended to encourage research into different aspects of European society and culture in the literature and the humanities sector (film studies, history, art history, French-language literatures, philosophy), from Antiquity to the present.

Native American Studies Scholarship
Graduate studies
Description :

This scholarship was created to promote Native American studies. It is given to an undergraduate student every even-numbered year and to a graduate student every odd-numbered year.

Selection criteria :
  • Be enrolled in the Minor or Specialization in Native American Studies, or the Specialized Graduate Diploma in Native American Media and Narratives.
  • Have obtained at least 3 credits in one the programs.
  • Quality of the application.

Other sources of income

If you are a doctoral student in your 3rd or 4th year, you may finance your studies by taking on a position as a teaching or research assistant or a lecturer.

Under the collective agreement between the Université de Montréal and the Syndicat des étudiant(e)s salarié(e)s de l'UdeM (SESUM), eligible students must apply for positions posted by the Department (in French).

Teaching assistant

A teaching assistant (TA) is a Université de Montréal student, full time at the undergraduate level or generally full time at the graduate level, who assists a professor or lecturer in supporting and supervising students.

TAs invigilate exams, correct assignments and exams, provide help with documentation, monitor students, perform demonstrations, assist or supervise interns, supervise assignments and lead seminars.

Research assistant

A research assistant is a Université de Montréal student, full time at the undergraduate level or generally full time at the graduate level, hired to assist professors, researchers and units with research work.


A person hired part-time by the University to deliver class lectures. Duties include preparing and teaching courses according to different pedagogical methods and formulas, updating course content, preparing teaching materials according to the pedagogical methods and formulas used, evaluating students' performance, including, if applicable, revising student evaluations and preparing and correcting deferred examinations, and availability or supervision relating to course preparation and delivery.

Working and studying

Students also have access to an employment assistance service (in French). Find out more about specialized job offers in your field of study, potential employers and the tools you need to search for a job that meets your needs.